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Want to know more about the latest significant transportation projects in your area?

The project update provides the current status for active projects within the region.

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13 July, 2023

Technical Committee Meeting

Thursday 10:00 AM Civic Center Complex, Room 318, 1 NW Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Evansville, IN 47708

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13 July, 2023

Policy Committee Meeting

Thursday 4:00 PM Civic Center Complex, Room 301, 1 NW Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Evansville, IN 47708

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MTP 2050 and Conformity Documentation, TIP 2024-2028, and Coordinated Public Transit Human Services Plan

The MTP 2050 and the 2024–2028 TIP guide the region’s decision-making process related to road, bridge, transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and freight projects using Federal funds in Vanderburgh, Warrick and Henderson counties. The MTP is a guide for major transportation projects through the year 2050. The TIP identifies funding for transportation projects over the immediate short-term of five years. Included in the MTP is the Conformity Documentation which demonstrates the MTP 2050 and the 2024-2028 TIP meet the Clean Air Act and Transportation Conformity rule requirements.

The Evansville Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) had a review and comment period from January 25, 2023 through February 24, 2023 for the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) 2050, the 2024–2028 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), and Coordinated Public Transit Human Services Plan.

The Lloyd4U


Purpose and Need

The Indiana Department of Transportation plans to invest more than $100 million in improvement projects for the Lloyd Expressway. More than a dozen projects will improve safety and mobility.


Regional Transportation Guide

The Evansville-Henderson Regional Transportation Guide was developed by the Evansville MPO and the Regional Transit Advisory Committee as a resource for residents throughout the Evansville region, including Vanderburgh, Henderson, Warrick, Gibson, and Posey counties.

PDF Guide Website

In the fall of 2022, non-profit organization Missing Pieces CDC began operating Epworth Express to provide an option for people to travel between downtown Evansville and medical facilities along Epworth Road, with multiple stops in between. Details about the route and stops are included in the brochure.

Epworth Express

Title VI/LEP Plan

The Title VI/LEP Plan includes detailed information on your rights under Title VI and contact information to send complaints directly to FHWA or FTA. The Title VI notice to the public and a hard-copy of the Title VI/LEP Plan are available for viewing at the MPO office (1 NW Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Civic Center Complex – Room 316, Evansville, IN 47708). A digital copy of the Title VI/LEP Plan in PDF format is available by clicking here

Access Management Manual and Development Guide

This document provides standards for local public agencies to use to guide decisions regarding access by vehicles, transit buses, bicycles and pedestrians to private developments and existing or proposed public right-of-ways.